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Essential Housing Program

Essential Housing Program

All the Good Vibes at a Surprising Value!

It is important that residents living at our communities are not rent burdened living in their home. Our Essential Housing Program allows our community to offer luxury housing at market reasonable rent; ensuring moderate to middle income earners can afford to live in the communities they work and serve.

Do I qualify?

Our community offers two rental tiers in addition to our market rate apartment rates. Each tier has a maximum GROSS income limit determined by the number of persons living in the apartment home; based on the Department of Housing and Urban Developments Area Median Income (AMI).


Moderate Income (60%)

Middle Income (80%)

1 Person



2 People



3 People



4 People



In addition to the above income maximums, we require all applicants make a minimum 2.5 times the rent in income.

Apartment Search

Identify available apartments reserved for the Essential Housing Program based on the Moderate 60 and Middle 80 designations next to the floor plans names.

What do I need to do to apply?

Our dedicated professionals are available to walk you through the application process. We accept online and in-person applications for our market, moderate, and middle income applicants. Below is a summary of required documentation for the Essential Housing Program.  

  1. Complete application in person or online for every household member 18 years of age and older.
  2. Income verification or 4 consecutive weeks of paycheck stubs.
  3. Asset documentation for combined assets over $5,000
  4. Additional documents that may be required depending on each persons individual application, income, and assets.
  5. Previous rental history verification.

We are committed to the achievement of diverse and equal housing opportunities in accordance with the Fair Housing Act.